Aguabel is a Belgian manufacturer of professional pool water disinfection systems. The Aguapure process is based on cell membrane technology and guarantees a perfect and efficient disinfection. The result is very hygienic, soft and pure water for swimming pools.

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Aguapure characteristics

The Aguapure systems produce a disinfectant gas that is completely water soluble. A membrane ensures that only the active ingredients mix with the water, without any undesired residues. The result is soft, crystal clear and very pure water.

Areas of application

The Aguapure systems are multi-applicable in both swimming pools (private & public), whirlpools, swimspas, street fountains,… When water quality is essential Aguabel offers you a tailor-made solution.

Benefits of the Aguapure system

•No salt in the pool water, so the water is notcorrosive
•Water feels extremely soft
•Very efficient disinfection, extraordinary lowamounts of chloride and chlorate
•No eye or skin irritations
•No salt taste and no annoying chlorine smell
•No storage or transport of liquid chlorine
•Fully automatic, easy to install and lowmaintenance cost
•No residues in the water
•Healthy and crystal clear pool water

Working Principles

The Aguapure systems do not work like standard salt electrolysis devices. This is to avoid the adverse effects such as corrosive water, salt sludge, salt taste, etc. in your pool. Aguabel opts to work with the innovative cell membrane electrolysis technique.
In this technology, electrolysis takes place in a closed cell consisting of an anode half and a cathode half, separated by a selective membrane.
On the anode side of the cell, a pure disinfectant gas is produced that is drawn along by negative pressure through an injector.
The disinfectant gas completely dissolves in the water. Therefore, no residues end up in the pool water.
On the cathode side of the cell, an alkaline solution and hydrogen gas are produced. The alkaline solution can be collected separately and can be dosed to increase the pH.
In addition to the cell compartment, the Aguapure unit has a built-in tank for the storage of approximately 85kg of salt. This large tank has the advantage that salt only needs to be refilled sporadically in the unit. The electrolysis process uses only pure salt. The non-hazardous salt offers many advantages over chemical chlorine solutions.

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Aguapure 100/200

The Aguapure system produces a disinfectant gas (15gr/h Aguapure 100 or 30gr/h Aguapure 200) only when needed. This precise control ensures that there is no excess gas, which makes the system very safe to operate.

1. Swimming pool
2. buffer tank
3. Pump
4. sand filter
5. Measuring system
6. Control/sturing box
7. Venturi
8. Aguapure unit 100/200
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10. Drain