Water reuse and recycling can lead to economic benefits in terms of reduced water consumption and disposal, energy savings and product recovery. As much as 90% of the world’s water demand comes from the industrial and agricultural sectors. After all, every production process requires clean and disinfected water. The government has drawn up regulatory requirements that process water must meet, depending on what the water will be used for. With our Aguapure Industry appliances, we offer an efficient, reliable and safe solution for the treatment of process water.

Within industry, the Aguapure Industry system can be applied to treat water without the risk of transferring germs and killing all bacteria and fungi. In addition, the Aguapure system ensures that all biofilm in the pipes is broken down and prevents the formation of new biofilm.

The possibilities within the industry are endless; from rainwater treatment for industrial laundries to process water treatment of a PMD recycling centre to be able to discharge this water into the stream in accordance with all the rules. We would be pleased to hear which solution we can offer