Water is a precious commodity, which needs to be used sustainably and efficiently in modern horticulture. The reuse of water fits in perfectly with this, using water and fertilisers more efficiently, increasing the cost-effectiveness of cultivation and reducing the environmental impact. To avoid the risk of spreading pathogenic micro-organisms, the Aguapure Industry device can be used. Contrary to the conventional methods, our disinfecting gas ensures the disinfection of the entire system, and not just a point disinfection.

Within both ornamental and vegetable cultivation, the Aguapure Industry system can be applied to re-use drain water without the risk of transferring pathogens and killing all bacteria and fungi. In addition, the Aguapure system ensures that all biofilm in the pipes is broken down and prevents the formation of new biofilm.

The European regulations concerning the maximum residue levels of chlorate in the end product have been changed in June 2020. Aguabel has had its technology validated in cooperation with a recognized Belgian test center. Please contact us for more information.