Industrial systems for water disinfection

Aguabel is a Belgian manufacturer of professional water disinfection systems. The Aguapure process is based on cell membrane technology and guarantees a perfect and efficient disinfection. The result is very hygienic, odorless and pure water for various applications in industry.







Benefits of the Aguapure system

•Very efficient disinfection already from 0.5 ppm:see table. (No legionella risk, etc.)
•No storage or transport of liquid chlorine,which requires strict measures.
•Biofilm removal
•No danger of corrosion
•No residues in the water.
•Fully automatic.
•Hygienic, natural, odorless and crystal clearwater.

Aguapure working principles

The Aguapure Industry systems disinfect the water through the membrane-cell electrolysis technique. Only pure refined salt is used during the electrolysis process. This is to avoid unwanted by-products during the electrolysis. The harmless salt offers many advantages over chemical chlorine solutions. The Aguapure appliances produce a disinfectant gas only when needed. Due to this precise regulation, there is no excess gas, which contributes to overall safety. On one side of the Aguapure there is a container for the storage of about 85kg of salt. This makes the unit very maintenance friendly as it only needs to be refilled sporadically. On the other side of the unit there are 1 or 2 cells, depending on the needs. The cells are placed under water for safety. The Aguapure devices produce a pure disinfectant gas at the anode side of the cell, which is sucked into the injection line by means of an injector. The disinfectant gas completely dissolves in the water. On the cathode side, an alkaline solution and hydrogen gas are produced. The alkaline solution can be collected separately and can be dosed to increase the PH values.


Aguapure application areas

The Aguapure devices are multi-purpose in different sectors: hydroponics, livestock farms, disinfection of process water and other industrial applications. The Aguapure systems offer a tailor-made solution for e.g. the disinfection of process water that comes into contact with food, disinfecting cistern water, disinfecting cooling water, etc.

Aguapure characteristics

The Aguapure devices produce a disinfectant gas that is completely water soluble. A selective membrane ensures that only the active components mix with the water, with no unwanted residues. The result is odorless, hygienic and disinfected water.

Aguapure results analysis

The tables below provide insight into the results obtained from analysis of total bacterial count and chlorate. The chlorate analyses are also shown graphically in the chart.

➜ Chlorate analysis results (mg/kg) / Total plate count results at 22 °C

Streefwaarde concentratie vrij chloor

Chloraat* mg/kg

Kiemgetal bij 22°C n/ml

0,0 ppm



0,5 ppm



1,0 ppm



1,5 ppm



2,5 ppm



* detection limit is 0.01 mg/kg

Aguapure sample setups



  1. Water reservoir
  2. Automatic flush valve
  3. Filter pump with pre-filter
  4. sand filter
  5. Photometric Measurement System
  6. Controling/sturing box
  7. Venturi
  8. Aguapure 200 Industry
  9. Connection venturi
  10. Drain